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JAY CHUA Singer Profile 채건창

JAY CHUA 蔡戔倡 채건창


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Jay Chua Kian Chiong (simplified Chinese: 蔡戋倡; traditional Chinese: 蔡戔倡; pinyin: Cai Jīanchàng; Korean: 채건창 Chae Gon Chang) was born on May 31, 1989, in Malaysia, permanent resident of Singapore, he is commonly known as Jay Chua and his Chinese name is Cai Jian Chang. He moved to Singapore in the year 2012. He is a Singapore singersongwriter and artist. In 2015, with his song and art, his career began to take off and his name became quickly known throughout SingaporeMalaysia and Taiwan. Jay Chua was originally managed by the art entertainment agency called JDesignIt from 2015 to present. 

Even though Jay Chua was born in Malaysia, he is actually a descendant from a Chinese province known as Xiamen, Fujian. Jay Chua can speak English and Mandarin fluently. Jay Chua’s hobbies include drawingcomposing songssinging, and photographing. The idols that he likes include Jay ChouEric Chou, JJ Lin, Li RonghaoDavid Tao (Tao Zhe), and so on. The food that Jay Chua hates most is oily foods. In various variety shows, he showed strong fear and dislike whenever oily foods were put in front of his eyes. The colours that he likes the most are yellowgoldwhite and silver. One of the unforgettable experiences in his life was travelling with family when he was young.

In Singapore, Jay Chua was best known for his talent in composing songs and drawing arts. He composes most of the songs in his albums. From his debut in 2015, he has produced several “hit” albums in Youtube.


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