Portfolio in Malaysia


Old Jobs (In Malaysia)

Old Jobs In Malaysia


Banners, Backdrops & Stickers Design

Diamoney Banner Design
Palm Hotel Poster
Tiger Wall Sticker Design
Guinness Wall Sticker Design
Guinness Clock Sticker Design
Station One Banner
Happy Toys Banner
12x8ft Aroma PIGB Sk Sitang Petag Backdrop
12x8ft Aroma TBK Kemas Backdrop
Frisbee Poster
Proton Banner 20x3ft
18x3 ft Perfection Banner
SH Motor
Lega Renovation
Lega Renovation
B Success Bong

Signboards Design

The Borderless Gateway
The Borderless Gateway
Wss Sanitary 77x30inches Sign
Perfection signboard 153x34inches
Curry House Signboard
The Steps Dancing Team Lightbox Sign
50 Fifty Pub Signboard

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