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Abilities Skills
Jay Chua Illustrator


Language Abilities

I use these design softwares...

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator

To design the Posters. 

Video Design

Adobe Flash

To design the animated videos.

Adobe Muse

Website Creator

To create the Responsive Websites.

Wordpress Website Design

To create the Responsive Websites.

Adobe Photoshop

To design the Photography Images.

Adobe InDesign

To create the books and magazines.

After Effects

To design the videos.

Wix Website Design

To create the Professional Websites with fastest speed. 

JDesignit Skateboard


Year 2002 - 2006
SMK Song
Year 2008 - 2010
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) Malaysia
Diploma in Graphic Design



Jobs Experience



14 Jun 2019 - Present


Website Editing:
1. Create and test new website pages.
2. Optimize website speed and reduce loading time.
3. Conduct search engine optimization (SEO) for the website.
4. Update social media platforms.
5. Proficient in using both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Digital Marketing:
6. Create unique email campaigns that reach the target audience and build brand awareness.
7. Optimize the business profile to appear prominently when people search for our business or similar businesses on Google Search or Maps.
8. Use Google Analytics to track and report website traffic.

Video Editing:
9. Develop a storyboard before creating videos.
10. Edit videos for events held every 3 months.
11. Insert subtitles in the final video, and work with copywriters to ensure accuracy.

Video Shooting:
12. Create shooting guidelines for video production.
13. Guide videographers to shoot videos according to our vision.
14. Work with a studio voice recorder, as well as a Fiverr freelancer.
15. The voice recorder is used for video editing purposes.

Event Management:
16. Command the control of the LED screen, sound, light, and pyro effects during live shows, such as performance concerts and recognition shows, on the event day.

Overseas Working:
17. Travel overseas for work every one to three months.

Find out more about RIWAY International by checking out this link:, authored by Jay Chua.

Guava Amenities Pte Ltd (Singapore)

16 Oct 2017 - Jun 2019



Website Editing:
- I specialize in designing mobile-friendly websites for hotel amenities. To date, I have created 16 websites, including and several others.

SEO Specialist:
- As an SEO specialist, I employ a range of powerful tools and techniques to enhance website visibility and ranking. My responsibilities include:

1. Using advanced tools to compress images and photos without compromising their quality, resulting in faster website load times.
2. Crafting optimized page titles for search results (SEO).
3. Creating compelling page descriptions for search results (SEO).
4. Identifying relevant keywords and implementing them to enhance search engine optimization (SEO).
5. Implementing HTML H1 to H6 tags to help Google recognize all titles and paragraphs, thereby improving SEO ranking.
6. Utilizing Google Search Console to submit all website links to Google, which helps to improve SEO ranking and ensure that all website pages are listed in Google Search.
7. Setting keywords for all images to improve SEO ranking on Google Images.
8. Directly submitting URLs to Google, which results in their immediate appearance in search results.
9. Directly submitting URLs to Bing, which results in their immediate appearance in Bing search results.
10. Creating Google My Business Map Address listings to enhance SEO.
11. Tracking and reporting website traffic using Google Analytics.

- Do UX/UI design.

- Do basic coding.

- Design and manage electronic direct mail (EDM) campaigns using Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

- Handle and design artwork for social media (Facebook, Instagram) and manage social media postings.



Funtasy Island Development Pte Ltd (Singapore)


01 Dec 2015 - 06 Oct 2017
(1 Year 10 months)



At Funtasy Island, I manage the web design and development for several companies under my boss, including Funtasy Island, South Oceans, IBN App, Humeirah Resort, and Warisan Jaya. Please find below a list of the websites I have designed for these companies.
1. (Funtasy Island)
2. (South Oceans)
3. (IBN App)
4. (IBN App Store web)
5. (Warisan Jaya)
6. (Humeirah Resort)

Website Design:
1. Design websites and modify website layouts.
2. Design web banners and advertisements.
3. Create Google My Business Map Address listings for SEO purposes.
4. Use Google Analytics to track and report website traffic."

Video and Photography Design (Multimedia Design):
- Editing of videos and photographs.

Mobile App Design:
- Collaborate with programmers to design mobile apps, providing graphics and considering how the app can function optimally.

Social Media:
- Design artwork and create posts for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
- Manage social media accounts and engage with the audience to increase reach and engagement.

1. Organize travel meetings.
2. Collaborate with our marketing teams.
3. Communicate with suppliers.

Graphic Design for Printing:
1. Check and prepare design artwork that complies with printing specifications.
2. Design newspaper advertisements, banners, backdrops, posters, name cards, leaflets, brochures, flyers, invitation cards, and other materials.
3. Experienced in both digital and offset printing.
4. Check for color accuracy and quality.
5. Create innovative concepts and layouts while staying current with design trends.
6. Prepare final artwork for production, oversee the print production process, including press checks, and ensure overall quality control.



YangMing Printing Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Oct 2012 - Nov 2015
(3 years 2 months)


1. Prepare and check design artworks to ensure they comply with printing specifications.
2. Design various print materials such as banners, backdrops, stickers, posters, name cards, leaflets, brochures, flyers, and invitations.
3. Collaborate with clients and their marketing team to create effective designs.
4. Communicate with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate production.
5. Possess knowledge in digital and offset printing techniques.
6. Ensure color quality meets industry standards.
7. Generate creative concepts and layouts that align with current design trends while maintaining originality.
8. Prepare final artwork for production, oversee the printing process, and conduct press checks to ensure high-quality output.


Eighty-Nine Ads Station (Malaysia)


Feb 2011 - Aug 2012
(1 year 6 months)



1. Responsible for the major computer graphic functions and designs according to the company's rules and procedures.
2. Design banners, backdrops, billboards, signboards, wall stickers, posters, name cards, menus, leaflets, invitation cards, and more.
3. Work with suppliers, publishers, and printers and review print proofs as necessary to produce accurate and high-quality work.
4. Have experience in dealing with customers.



ALPC Signcraft (Malaysia)


Aug 2010 - Feb 2011
(6 months)



1. Responsible for creating computer graphics according to company rules and procedures.
2. Design banners, backdrops, billboards, signboards, and wall stickers.
3. Collaborate with suppliers, publishers, and printers to ensure accurate and high-quality work by reviewing print proofs as necessary.

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