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Video Production Creative Portfolio

Jay Film Shooting
Multimedia Design

Videos by JAY CHUA

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2021 Dragon Background Video (Green Screen Videoshoot)


Skechers South East Asia Marketing 2018

Funtasy Island (Funtasy World Eco Park) 2017 

Funtasy Island Ocean Waves 2017

Funtasy Island 2016

Funtasy Island Corals Farm 2016

IBN App Intro 2017

South Oceans Coast Zip Adventure 2016

South Oceans Intro 2017 (Chinese Version)

Sci Fi Universe

Sci-Fi Theme Park TV Display in Singapore 

Sci Fi Universe

Sci-Fi Theme Park Johor, Malaysia Games Introduce 2017

Sci-Fi Universe

SciFi Theme Park at Johor Malaysia - Introduce

Agartha World Resort Bentong, Malaysia

One Belt One Road Business Intro 2017

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