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They've shown the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4X4 Squared

The G 63 AMG 4X4 Squared will remain one of the best off-road vehicles ever made.

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Mercedes-Benz has brought back the high-riding G-Class 4x4 Squared for a second generation. Unlike the previous version, which was more standard and called G 500 (or G 550 in North America), the new one will be the hotter AMG G 63 model. Like the old one, the new G 63 4X4 Squared has really high ground clearance and special axles at all four wheels, along with other off-road improvements. It will have 585 horsepower. However, it's not as good at off-roading as the old model. It comes with big 22-inch wheels and large tires.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 4X4 Squared is considered one of the best off-road vehicles

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TThe new AMG G 63 4X4 with portal axles won't be as good off-road as the previous version. It's designed to be more comfortable and better for regular road driving, similar to the regular G 63.

The new G63 4X4 Squared has a 45-degree approach angle and a ground clearance of 350.5mm. In comparison, the previous model had an approach angle of 51.8 degrees and a ground clearance of 410mm. Mercedes says the new SUV can go through water that's around 909mm deep, which is about 100mm less than the old model's 1,000mm capability.

Even though these off-road numbers are not as high as the previous model, the new SUV will still be one of the best off-roaders available.

Next, let's talk about the suspension. The new G 63 4X4 Squared has the same front suspension as the standard SUV, not the solid front axle like the previous G-Class 4X4 Squared. It also comes with big 22-inch alloy wheels that make it look like a monster truck. Plus, it has wider fenders with carbon fiber wheel arch extensions.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 4X4 Squared has a strong engine and special features

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 4X4 Squared has a strong engine, a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 585 horsepower, which is 163 more than the older G 500 4X4 Squared. It has full-time four-wheel drive and is expected to have lockable differentials and other off-road features.

On top of the SUV, there's a carbon fiber-framed LED light bar and a carbon fiber spare tire holder, making it look both luxurious and tough. A new feature is the digital rearview mirror, which adjusts for the big spare wheel and higher ride height.

Inside, the SUV will have many luxury options like Nappa leather and ambient lighting, just like the standard G 63. Mercedes-AMG will also offer a wood finish for the cargo area floor.

In the past, Mercedes had other elevated versions of the G Wagen, like the G 63 6x6 and the Maybach G 650 Landaulet. The main competitor for this new AMG G 63 4X4 Squared will be the upcoming Land Rover Defender SVX. More details are expected to be revealed soon.

You can find more information about this Mercedes-AMG G 63 4X4 Squared on this website:



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