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Wise: How to Save Money and Time on International Transfers

Have you ever wondered how much money you lose when you exchange currencies at the airport, bank, or online? Have you ever felt frustrated by the high fees and slow processing times when you send money to another country? Have you ever wished there was a better way to manage your money across borders?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out Wise, a service that lets you send, spend and withdraw money in 160 countries and 40 currencies with low fees and high security. In this blog post, I will explain what Wise is, how it works, and why you should use it.

What is Wise?

A black card with a world map design in a green space background
Wise: The world in your card

Wise is a service that was founded in 2011 by two Estonian friends who were tired of paying high fees and getting poor exchange rates when they moved money between the UK and Estonia. They decided to create a platform that would allow people to transfer money internationally at the real exchange rate, without any hidden fees or markups.

Wise is not a bank, but a licensed money transmitter that works with established financial institutions to move your money safely and securely. Wise has over 10 million customers who trust them to move around £10 billion of their money every month. Wise is also registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the US and has dedicated fraud and security teams to protect your money and data.

How does Wise work?

Wise works by using a network of local bank accounts in different countries to transfer your money. When you want to send money from one country to another, you pay Wise in your local currency, and Wise pays your recipient in their local currency, using the real exchange rate that you see on Google. This way, you avoid the fees and markups that banks and other providers charge you when they convert your money.

Wise also lets you hold and convert money in 40 currencies in one account, which you can access online or through their app. You can also get a Wise debit card, which you can use to spend and withdraw money in any currency at the live rate automatically. You only pay a small conversion fee when you use a currency that is not in your balance.

Wise also offers an interest feature, which allows you to earn 4.33% APY on your USD balance when you opt-in. You can access your money instantly, and benefit from the added security of up to $250,000 in passthrough FDIC insurance on your USD balance from their program bank.

Wise also has a business account, which lets you pay employees, get paid and manage your cash flow in multiple currencies. You can also integrate Wise with popular accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks, and automate your payments with their API.

Why should you use Wise?
A logo of WISE, a service that uses Wise to move money across borders
A logo of WISE

There are many reasons why you should use Wise, but here are some of the main ones:

  1. You save money: Wise charges you as little as possible, and always shows you the fees upfront. You can save up to 2x when you send, spend and withdraw money in different currencies, and up to 3x when you send money abroad, compared to banks and other providers.

  2. You get the best rate: Wise always gives you the real exchange rate, the same one that you see on Google. You never have to worry about hidden fees or markups that eat into your money.

  3. You get your money fast: Wise is fast and reliable, and usually delivers your money within hours or minutes. You can also track your money every step of the way, and get notifications when it arrives.

  4. You get more control: Wise gives you more flexibility and convenience when you manage your money across borders. You can hold and convert money in 40 currencies, get a card that works in any currency, earn interest on your USD balance, and get a business account that suits your needs.

How can you get started with Wise?

Getting started with Wise is easy and quick. All you need is an email address and a phone number. You can sign up for a personal or a business account, and verify your identity with a photo ID and a selfie. You can then add money to your account, and start sending, spending and withdrawing money in different currencies.

You can also order your Wise debit card, which will be delivered to your address in a few days. You can activate your card online or through the app, and start using it anywhere in the world.

You can also opt-in to the interest feature, and start earning 4.33% APY on your USD balance. You can access your money anytime, and enjoy the added security of FDIC insurance.

You can also explore the features and benefits of the Wise business account, and see how it can help you grow your business globally.

If you want to learn more about Wise, you can visit their website, or read their blog, where they share tips, stories and insights on money without borders.

A hand holding a green and gold Wise card with a globe design
Wise card: A globe in your hand


Wise is a service that lets you send, spend and withdraw money in 160 countries and 40 currencies with low fees and high security. You can also get a card, an interest feature and a business account with Wise. Wise can save you money and time when you travel or work abroad, and give you more control over your money across borders. If you are looking for a better way to manage your money internationally, you should give Wise a try. You can sign up for a free account, and see for yourself how Wise can make your life easier.

Wise Website:

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